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Paradigm Research Optics is an industry leader in optical coatings and assemblies; located in Loveland, CO. Paradigm Research Optics brings over 30 years of custom coating design for both R&D and production environments. Paradigm Research Optics understands every application is specific and our solutions prove to be a cutting edge in both R&D and production runs. Our customers demand seamless transition from R&D to production and Paradigm delivers.

Paradigm Research Optics supports a wide band width of optics and custom coatings. We offer lenses, windows, waveplates, aspheres, and many more substrates. We also offer our coating on customer supplied optics. We can offer small run and support volume production too. Our thin films support 0.190nm to 50 micron using our E-Beam technology. We offer high reflectors, anti-reflectors, beam splitters, SWP, LWP. Paradigm also specializes in high damage coatings, please contact our sales engineers for test data of your specific wave length.

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