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Optical Thin Film Coating


Paradigm can improve the efficiency of your optical system. Our anti-reflection coatings reduce surface reflection losses, improve contrast and increase the transmission through the optical surface. Paradigm can design and apply a custom anti-reflection coating for your specific application. We supply custom and standard anti reflective coatings from super low narrow band to extended high performance broadband Our AR coatings play a important role in reducing the surface reflectance and increasing the transmission of an optical component over a specified range of wavelengths. Paradigms coating designs can be optimized for maximum performance from the 180-2200nm wavelength region. Designs include V-coats, broadband, super broadband, dual band and narrow band coatings.

High Reflectors/Mirrors

Paradigm offers both protected and enhanced Aluminum, Silver and Gold mirrors. Paradigm has a side selection of various size round, rectangular, spherical mirrors protected gold, silver or aluminum. Metallic mirrors are widely used due to a moderate level of reflection over a very broad spectral range. Protected gold coatings have the highest reflectance in IR, silver is most efficient in VIS, while aluminum is excellent cost effective reflector over a broad range from 300nm-3000nm. A layer of dielectric material protects the coatings of the mirrors to make them more durable. Enhanced metallic coatings provide greater reflection across the operating bandwidth.Our mirrors deliver an excellent combination of extremely high reflectivity, high damage threshold, durability and an extended lifetime.

Single-line mirrors

Paradigm can coat nearly any single line mirror, at any angle of incidence, from 180 nm to 2.5 um.

Partial reflectors/output couplers

Paradigm can coat partial reflectors from 180 nm to 2.5 um.

Thin film polarizers

Paradigm can coat thin-film polarizers at any wavelength from 180 nm to 3.0 um. Paradigm’s thin film polarizers deliver an outstanding combination of high extinction ratio, high damage threshold, excellent durability and an extended lifetime. Our extensive knowledge and proprietary processes allow us to produce these high performance polarizers that are unparalleled in the industry.

Femtosecond Optics

Paradigm can coat low dispersion Bragg mirrors comparable to a TiO2 based (broad bandwidth), HFO2 based (high damage), and hybrid designs with the bandwidth of TiO2 based designs and the damage threshold of the HfO2 based designs. Paradigm can also coat broad-band, low-dispersion, thin-film polarizers for femtosecond applications.

Broadband reflectors

Paradigm offers coating with up to 100 layers which provide a wide spectral range.


Paradigm can produce long-wave pass, notch, or short-wave pass filters.


Beamsplitters are designed to separate an incoming or incident light into two components consisting of a reflected and a transmitted beam. Paradigm offers both Metal and Dielectric Beamsplitter coatings for use in the 180nm – 2000nm wavelength region. Designs are optimized for specific reflection and transmission ratios, wavelength region, angle of incidence, polarization state, incident medium and the temperature sensitivity of the optical component From substrate preparation and thin film coating through product packaging, the same expertise and care that goes into the manufacture of these state-of-the-art products is applied to the stock and custom built optics available to you.

UV Optics

Our high-power excimer laser mirrors are multi-layer dielectric coated mirrors designed for use with high energy excimer lasers- 157nm, 193nm, 248nm, 308nm, 353nm. Our coatings have superior high damage thresholds. We also maintain a stock supply of these beam-turning and normal incidence mirrors for fast delivery. Our UV antireflection coatings are durable electron-beam deposited dielectrics designed to minimize reflections that normally occur with uncoated surfaces. These low-absorption coatings are ideal for increasing the transmittance properties of lenses and for reducing second-surface reflections. They offer extremely high resistance to laser damage, making them suitable for high-energy laser usage. Our UV coatings are unmatched within the industry and provide the highest damage thresholds and longest lifetimes


With our rapid coating capability and flexible design capabilities Paradigm is ideally suited for coating development and prototype production.

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